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How to Cope with Success

Contrary to popular belief, it can be just as challenging managing success as it is managing failure. Not only is it very easy to become disillusioned with the idea that you’ll never achieve anything of merit again, but there is also the significant pressure that comes with maintaining success. As such, it can be difficult for success to be understood and appreciated the way it should be.

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Overcoming The Pressure to Succeed

When you're ambitious and working towards a goal, it can be easy to get overwhelmed as the expectation to succeed begins to mount. These internal and external pressures can make it difficult to continue working. Luckily there are healthy and meaningful ways you can overcome the stress and anxiety to succeed.

Why You Need an Outside Perspective in Business

The longer you work on a project, the harder it may be for you to see it objectively. Instead, you're more likely to view the project through rose-tinted glasses, considering the time and effort you put into it—this is where an outside perspective comes in. 

Confirmation Bias in the Workplace

Confirmation bias is the tendency to interpret new information to confirm existing beliefs or theories, which you can learn more about here. In decision-making, confirmation bias can and often does work against the best interest of the company

How To Determine The Right KPI's: A 5 Step Guide

Your data means nothing if you are not looking at the correct information. That's where Key Performance Indicators, or KPI's, come in. These allow your company to determine what success looks like and then attribute a metric to track it and determine how well your company meets those goals.

The Importance of Data for Your Business

Understanding your data is essential in business. Not only can it highlight high-risk areas that need attention, but it can also emphasize what's being done right. Below are three key reasons why data should be one of the main drivers behind decision-making in your business.

The Power of the Big Picture

It’s easy to get lost in the details and completely ignore the big picture. Details are what help us tackle the problems of everyday life. The thing is, as important as the details are, it’s essential to take a step back sometimes and look at the bigger picture.

It's All About the Details

Details are important. The problem is too many details can lead to information overload, making it difficult to find and use the details that matter most. While sometimes taking a step back can help clear things up, that might not always be the answer. In cases like those, one of the best things you can do is sift through the information and clear away the excess to focus on what really matters.

Why (and When) It’s Okay to Ask for Help

Failure is a natural part of life and business. Countless articles have been written on the subject, and they usually express the same basic idea -every failure has a few bits of success in it. This is a great mentality to have.

Asking for Help in Professional Settings

Asking for help in everyday life can be difficult. When it comes to work and other professional settings, the process becomes even more daunting. For many people, asking for help might feel like admitting weakness, incompetence, or failure in the workplace. This is not the case. 

A Quick Guide to Embracing Failure

Failure is a natural part of life and business. Countless articles have been written on the subject, and they usually express the same basic idea -every failure has a few bits of success in it. This is a great mentality to have.

Finding Success in Failure: Is it as Bad as it Seems?

The short answer is no. Failure is often not as bad as you may think it is. Though we don't like to think of it, failure is a fundamental element of success. It is not something to be ashamed of but instead is an opportunity to learn and grow. Finding the value in failure is simply a matter of shifting your perspective.

How to Evaluate Your Priorities and Responsibilities

With 2021 well underway, it is about that time when people start getting overwhelmed with all the tasks and responsibilities set for the year. Although the new year is a great time to set goals for yourself, it also tends to become difficult to meet those goals once the reality of the year sets in.

Maintaining Work-Life Balance in COVID

Work-life balance continues to be a common buzz word in the professional environment.  Proper work-life balance helps to prevent chronic stress and burnout in the workplace. Unfortunately for many people, the pandemic has further blurred the already hazy border between work and life, making proper balance even harder to achieve and maintain.

10 Tips to Start the Year Off Right

The new year presents a unique opportunity for growth and change. Don’t waste a chance to develop further in the new year by approaching it from the wrong perspective. Starting the year on the right foot is one of the best ways to achieve your goals for the year. Below are 10 tips to help set yourself down the right path.

How to Set Goals in the New Year

For many people, the new year is all about growth and change, resulting in goal setting and resolution planning. Unfortunately, the hustle and bustle of everyday life often render these goals forgotten by mid-February. This doesn’t have to be the case!

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