How to Evaluate Your Priorities and Responsibilities

With 2021 well underway, it is about that time when people start getting overwhelmed with all the tasks and responsibilities set for the year. Although the new year is a great time to set goals for yourself, it also tends to become difficult to meet those goals once the reality of the year sets in. Luckily, it is not too late to regroup and rethink your plans for the year. Below are a few things to consider when re-evaluating your priorities and responsibilities for the rest of the year.

Write Everything Out

It can be next to impossible to understand the full scope of your responsibilities, tasks, and priorities for a new year if you don't see them all in one place. Taking some time to list out everything you dedicated yourself to accomplish will make it easier for you to find tasks that may be repetitive, you might have missed, or that you don't need to do at all. More importantly, it will let you see just how much work you have actually been trying to complete. Seeing everything laid out will let you better evaluate whether or not you are overworking yourself. 

Organize It

Once you have your goals and responsibilities written down, it's time to move them over to one master list. It's vital that every task you need to do, both professionally and personally, is one place that you can look at and manage as required. Having a master list or schedule will allow you to determine how much can get done in a day, week, or month. This gives you the flexibility to add or remove tasks as needed and set yourself up for a challenging but not overwhelming year.

Consider Effort

When planning for the year, many people often forget the effort it will take to complete everything. Burnout is inevitable when there is too much on your plate too soon. For most people, staring at a full to-do list is one of the easiest ways to get overwhelmed and stressed. After narrowing down your to-do list, one of the best ways to overcome overbearing feelings is to complete tasks based on the effort required to do them. Prioritizing tasks that take minimal effort will give you some much-needed breathing room and a sense of accomplishment. Once you aren't overwhelmed, it will be easier to re-evaluate the workload you have given yourself and adjust it accordingly. 

Be Realistic

The best way to re-evaluate your priorities is by being realistic. You must sit down and consider your workload for the year. Are there any tasks you are working on that would be better managed at a later date? Or even by someone else? Are there any tasks that sounded great at first but are no longer viable options? Is there a place for collaboration on any of the projects you're working on? These are all questions you should ask yourself when re-evaluating your priorities for the year. Being realistic about what you can do, what you cannot, and when you need help is the best way to get the year back on track. 


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