Asking for Help in Professional Settings

Asking for help in everyday life can be difficult. When it comes to work and other professional settings, the process becomes even more daunting. For many people, asking for help might feel like admitting weakness, incompetence, or failure in the workplace. This is not the case. 

That being said, it can still be challenging to ask for help at work. Asking for help is a delicate undertaking, but when done right, it can get the job done faster and better. Everyone will gain valuable insight, not just the person asking for help. Below are a few tips to guide you on asking for help at work. 

1. Try, then Pry

The first thing to remember is that before you ask for help, make sure that you need it. Exhaust all of the possible solutions you can think of on your own - including the obvious ones- before asking for help. Checking the simple solutions off your not only shows your ability to problem solve, but it also highlights that you actually need help and aren't just looking for an easy out.

2. Know Your Stopping Point

There is something to be said about trying to do the work yourself and figuring everything out, but at some point, dedication becomes inefficient. Torturing yourself for hours or even days before asking for help on an issue lowers productivity and won't win you any brownie points in the long run. The trick is knowing when it's time not to suck up your pride and admit that you're stuck and could do with a bit of inspiration or assistance. 

3. Don't Go In Empty-Handed

Even if you don't know how to solve your problem, you should still be prepared before asking for help. Your best bet is to ask for help with some solutions and questions in mind. Make sure to have a clear explanation of your problem, the things you've done to solve it, and any potential solutions you may have. Being prepared can turn a cry for help into a collaborative session with a team member.

4. Show you Appreciation

The most essential part about asking for help is showing your appreciation. Make sure to say thank you and keep yourself open to return the favor or pay it forward. 


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